Premium E-Bike Extras Pack

If you want the best bike you must have these tuning parts!

Especially if you are using the bike for long journeys!


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LCD screen + Improved Controller

You will be able to change the assisting power(50-1000w), to restrict the speed, to view much information like Speed, mileage, battery power, temperature and much more

Anti Puncture Gel

We will insert anti-puncture gel in front and in rear tire of the bike which will heal any punctures with a size of up to 3-4mm only after you spin the tire – so if you get a puncture while driving,  the gel will heal it and you will never ever understand about the problem

Anti Puncture tape

We will put extra protection tape which will avoid any possible punctures to happen!

Handlebar Extender

It will extend the handlebar for better comfort

Side Kickstand

You will be able to park your bike everywhere without a problem

Mud Guard

Must-have extras for the rainy time in London!


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