Frequently Asked Questions about E-Bikes

E-bikes cost can be in a big range like in cars.

Most electric bicycles cost between 600-1800GBP,

Anything cheaper than 400-500GBP for second hand and cheaperr than 600GBP is “too good to be true”… and in 99% its crap.

Bigger capacity battery is suggested if your budget is enough.

Suggested minimum is 48v10ah or 36v 12Ah for some resonable range.

Road legal UK limit is 250W – 25km/h max speed!

Everything different than this is illegal. We offer more powerful e-bikes, but they are for private land use or have to be registered like a motorcycles with insurance to be used on the road.

Simply as in cars – it should sound and ride good. You should also keep an eye on how it looks – no broken parts, loose cables, shaking batteries or tape all over the bike is a good sign.


With pleasure we will give you tips and answer alll your question to help you to find the best ebike for your needs. 

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