For NOLIMITBIKES safety and quality are on first place!

We aim to provide the best e-bike parts, complete bicycles or services while we never make compromise with the quality.

Thanks to our professional partners, workers and CEO everything that is possible.


As you can see all our e-bikes are only with rear hub motors and we never use front hub motors – thats for a reason! 

Batteries are always mounted 100% according to the worldwide EPAC standarts and we never mount any parts in wrong way just to save time or materials. 

Safety of our customers is on 1st plalce on our list thats why we provide most stable and reliable bike builds.

We test all of the parts we are reselling not important if they are new or second hand and especially the batteries – in most cases we try to build them here in UK with best materials and safety in mind.



As a part time courier for fun, Teodosi Pehlivanov – the founder of NOLIMITBIKES aims to make our rental e-bikes the most comfortable for full day work in London.


Most important is THE QUALITY!

That’s why we use the highest quality parts avalaible on the market to provide the best ebike rental service in London.

Despite the fact it cost us more to build and maintain!


Thats why the delivery riders choose us – because our bikes are most reliable in rental business in London.

And as a bonus we have 24/7 repair service and spare bikes available.

NOLIMITBIKES E-Bikes in numbers

Happy clients
Rental E-Bikes
started 2017

The founder

Teodosi Pehlivanov

CEO & Engineer

“Nothing is impossible! It may take time to be invented or fixed, but at the end will be PERFECT!”:

EARLY AGE and the e-bikes business

Because of my father, at very early age I became interested in electronics and DIY.

Only at 10 years old age, i already had my small workshop behind my father’s garage and i was trying to “reinvent the world”

It all started with interest in light effects, then migrated to audio systems, but it didn’t took long until i found my passion – motorcycles, bikes and fast speeds.

My passion in electronics brought me to university where i successfully graduated as an engineer in ”Electronics and Computer Sciences” field.

2017 – UNTIL NOW
Then 2017 i arrived in London,UK and started my e-bikes business – building fast electric bicycles, custom batteries, repairing and sellig e-bikes mostly to food delivery couriers, because in my spare time i was also a courier and i knew exactly what they need!

Now the focus is on the RENTAL E-BIKES with target of bringing NOLIMITBIKES to 1st place in the field(for quality we are the best, but competitors have big investors which is helping them to have many bikes)

Meanwhile with all the experience and entrepreneurial spirit, i am working on new inventions for e-bike enthusiasts which will be launched soon…